Banquet chair rentals for weddings and events in Cabo . Many designs to choose from: the chiavari resin chair, versailles resin chair, and phoenix resin chair are perfect for elegant indoors events. Add luxury with our wooden chiavari chair. The white folding avant garde chair is perfect for wedding ceremonies. While the wooden cross back, wooden mexican chairs, and bamboo chair are the best for outdoor rustic events.

resin chiavari chair

Resin Chiavari Chair

Number 1 chair for events and weddings. It will never fail you.

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wood chiavari chair

Wood Chiavari Chair

Also called by Tiffany chair, the iconic design made in fine wood.

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avant garde chair

Avant Garde Chair

The wooden folding chair is perfect for a wedding ceremony.

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cross back chair

Cross Back Chair

Elegant wooden crossed back chair is great for rustic themes.

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bamboo chair

Bamboo Chair

Perfect for rustic and outdoor events, made with real bamboo.

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mexican chair

Mexican Chair

Display the beautiful bright colors of Mexico in your next event.

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versailles chair

Versailles Chair

The French design versailles chair exemplifies high class and statue.

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phoenix chair

Phoenix Chair

Reflect the qualities of the phoenix and its infinite life cycle.

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